Deck Pass Plus App Reviews

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Parents, just a note of caution: although deck pass is a good youth sports app, it does allow a portal for kids to surf the Internet without restraint! And parental control apps will not catch it.

Deck Pass Plus Uses

I love using deck pass. There are so many amazing features that it has to offer. Being a USA swimmer, I am able to log in, make goal for myself in meets, see my personal best times, and check what times I need to beat to rank up in time standards. Along with this, you can also check you friends times and catch up on many fascinating news articles that are related to all swimmers!

I have 2 Kids!!!!

Fix this! Got to be kidding. Most families have more than one swimmer. The app works well for one swimmer. Very limited on details on goals. Ridiculous that you cant add a second swimmer.

This is bad

No Olympic trial real time info. Deck pass?

Easily the best swimming app

As a swimmer this has to be one of the most useful apps Ive used. I have only scratched the surface of the benefits this app offers but having all of my times readily available is hugely beneficial along with setting goals to improve. The fact that you can also earn badges is a fun bonus feature as well.

Dont buy it, use the free one

I wonder if the original developer sold and is no longer involved. There is great potential in Plus that is unutilized, leaving it no better than the free version. Multiple other reviewers reported these problems for some time without improvement. 1. Improve live connectivity. 2. Auto populate data to goals. 3. Auto populate data to logbook. 4. Enable multiple swimmers. 1. "Live" Data on this app shows up days after appearing on meetmobile. The IMX has still not updated a week after the last meet. 2. This app knows the time standards, my swimmers age and gender, and best time in each event. Why do I need to get a pen and paper and manually go back-and-forth between sections of the app to research, write down, and manually enter the goal time for the next cut? Auto populate! 3. There is a tab for logbook which sits empty. "No logbook entries have been created". By clicking "time search" and typing in my childs name, I can eventually get a back door to the information but cant keep it. Why not migrate it into logbook? Auto populate! 4. Does not apply to me, but it looks like I read about and care about the reviews more than the current developers.

Improvements are needed.

I would like to see a notes section for each event in the log book. Also it would be nice to have a multi-swimmer functionality for parents and to be able to sync the log books. These are difficult to implement.

Great when it works

Nice way to set a goal and see how much time you are dropping. But Live feature only works half the time and the whole app seems to glitch more often since the update last year.


An error occurred retrieving the meets. Please try again. An error occurred retrieving the meets. Please try again. So glad I paid money to get an error screen.

Doesnt work on iPhone 7 Plus

I just bought this app. It doesnt work on my iPhone 7 Plus at all. I keep getting the "An error has occurred..." message. Need my money back!

Needs update

Needs update in the worse way.

wasted money

never works for me... too frustrating.

Coach Thor

This is a great tool for swim coaches.

Needs update

I get a message every time I log on that the app needs to be updated to be compatible with latest operating system

Deck Pass Plus

Awesome App!!! Thanks keep up the good work.

Swim Dad

Great tool for on the go situations!

Great app

Very helpful and useful. Love Deck Pass Plus

Love it but...

This app is amazing for keeping track of all of my events but I would love it if I was able to keep track of my relay events as well. And also I would like to be able to see all of my times instead of just my best time when I look at event times

Pretty Great

I really like this app. My favorite part is the scoreboard and time search

Love it

Omg love this app so much helps me keep track of my times and also special events going on and I just love the app. It made swimming so much more fun and exiting than it was already!☺️

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